Diamond Geo Engineering Services is a multi-disciplinary engineering consultancy firm operating throughout Afghanistan, providing specialist geo-engineering consulting services to the construction and mining industry.
Managed by a team of well qualified engineers and technicians, DGES specializes in geotechnical studies, laboratory testing, dam feasibility studies, mining engineering, and construction quality assurance.
Our Field services are supported by a comprehensive range of in-house material testing services relating to soils, rock mechanics, Petrography and Mineralogy, fresh and hardened concrete, bituminous materials, aggregates and construction materials, and soil and groundwater contamination.

Our team and members have worked in Afghanistan for the past 8 years on geotechnical investigation projects for highway and major infrastructure schemes, residential and commercial property development and landfill construction in addition to dam feasibility studies and mining engineering projects.
These capabilities allow DGES to offer a range of holistic services addressing the full spectrum of Geo-Engineering services.
Our team has a reputation for resilience and reliability in meeting the requirements of both client and project in terms of program, cost and quality. DGES has a USACE certified Lab and is licensed to carry its full range of services.