Afghanistan is currently entering into a new phase of its reconstruction. In the past decade, due to the reconstruction needs of the country, the major focus of the rebuilding efforts have been to develop and support the Afghan National Security Forces and little work has been done to explore and extract the natural resources of the country. Afghanistan’s wealth of mineral and water resources needs proper management, if we are to develop a self-sustaining economy.
The change in the market from construction to natural resources has created the niche for a broad spectrum of geo-engineering services in the mining and water-resources sectors.
Diamond Geo Engineering Services with its wealth of past experience, expert team and state of the art equipment aims at catering to needs of both public and private clients by providing geotechnical engineering, dam feasibility study and mining consultancy services.

In this increasingly competitive market, we intend to advance as an industry leader through quality client services, unique capabilities, professional development, process innovation and client-driven growth strategies. Our biggest goal is to provide a comprehensive range of services and cater to all the geo-engineering needs of our clients.

Each day, we work to make our company more a place that sets the standard for quality. A place where people find opportunity and leverage from a great team of experts and professionals.