Geotechnical Engineering

Diamond Geo-Engineering Services has an established record of solving problems in difficult ground conditions and is experienced with virtually every combination of rock, soil, and water known on earth.

Since its establishment, DGES and our team has contributed and continues to contribute to the development of the geotechnical field by providing high-level expertise in the following service areas:

• Foundation engineering
• Engineering geology
• Arid region geotechnics
• Geo hazard assessment
• Geo-environmental engineering
• In-situ and laboratory testing
• Ground improvement analyses
• Engineering geophysics
• Geotechnical monitoring
• Terrain analysis
• Embankment evaluation
• Hydrogeology

We are committed to provide you with the best technical expertise available through leading professionals in the geotechnical field; and deliver comprehensive geo-engineering services ranging from a simple environmental assessment to managing complex, multi-disciplinary projects.

Our detailed services include:

• Geological study
• Material resources
• Survey and mapping
• Geotechnical drilling
• Geomorphology
• Rock slope stability
• Soil slope stability
• Hydrogeology
• Earth structures and ground treatment
• Foundations and substructure engineering
• Ecology in ground engineering
• Engineering geology & geohazards
• Environmental geotechnics
• Dam site geotechnics
• Highways geotechnics
• Railway geotechnics
• Landfill site geotechnics
• Waste water treatment plant
• Water supply & sewerage geotechnics
• Tunnel & shaft engineering

• Rock mechanic engineering
• Slope stability
• Foundations Bearing pressures
• Foundations engineering
• Seepage and infiltration
• Seismic hazard
• Groundwater
• Retaining walls and pavements
• Geo hazard assessment
• Construction material analysis and design