Laboratory Testing

Diamond Geo Engineering Services provides laboratory testing services at both our Kabul lab and on project sites. Our material testing lab is USACE certified and equipped with state of the art equipment.

Our Lab testing services include:
• Common Soil Testing
• Advanced Soil Testing
• Concrete Testing
• Cement/Mortar Testing
• Asphalt/Bitumen Testing
• Earthworks Inspection Testing
• Welding Inspection Testing
• Rock Mechanic Testing
• Petrography analysis of aggregate and minerals

We also provide field inspection and testing services. These services are provided through our temporary annex lab facilities which can be transported to project sites.

Our field inspection and testing services include the following:
• Establishing field Laboratory
• Earthwork Observation and Testing
• Concrete, Cement Testing/Placement Observation
• Asphalt Observation/Testing
• Structural Masonry Examination/Testing